Today’s top tip

When you work in a busy media environment for the day job and other associated projects, then life can get a little difficult at times. There’s also a social life to fit in and, hey, I’m still single!

Today’s #1 tip: The Trip

No, unfortunately I’m not referring to being whisked off to a tropical island, or being asked out on an expensive working lunch.

THE TRIP is the thing that comes out of the blue and upsets your carefully planned schedule for the day. It’s usually not connected to anything you’ve failed to do, but often from someone else’s well-meaning interference. I mean, help.

So they sent out a press release, thinking it would save you time and then someone phones to say the date is wrong …

“Which press release? Which date?” Blank moment, as the person ALSO forgot to tell you they’d been kind enough to help you out.


What do you do?

1. Take a deep breath; take TWO deep breaths.

2. Did anyone die?

3. Can it be rectified quickly? If so, get onto it immediately.

4. Apologise to the customer.

5. Explain to your lovely assistant that the reason two sets of eyes go over everything isn’t because you have nothing else to do, but it’s called proof checking.


Note: No real person, or particular incident was involved with the writing of this story. It is theoretical, based upon a similar incident. Copyright to me, of course!


Have a nice day and I’ll be back when things are a bit quieter, promise


I forgot to mention there would be rules …

Today’s #1 tip (working online):



It has been said that making a list is the easy part. That’s very true, but at least it will give you a clear view of the size of the problem that needs addressing.

OK – so there aren’t enough hours in the day. What are you going to do?

It’s as simple as a, b, c …

A. Prioritise Your List

Not everything on the list is going to be urgent. But you have to be honest with yourself and don’t ‘sweep over’ the things you don’t want to begin tackling. If there’s a timescale attached to anything, then acknowledge that and prioritise it accordingly.

B. What to tackle first

So now you have a list of things that need to be done asap, but not in any particular order. Did I mention there would be rules??? No? How remiss of me!

The first thing you look at is the thing you LEAST want to do. The one that fills you will dread, either because you know it’s terribly late (hey, you’ve only just started making lists), or it’s a task you don’t relish.

Rules come with rewards – believe me, you will feel SO much better once the first ghastly task is out of the way. It builds impetus and as you work through your urgent task list you will begin to feel that you are on a roll.


C. Reward yourself

If you try to do too much, especially if you are playing catch-up and ALL of the tasks are either brain-draining or, conversely, have a tendency towards the mundane, you need to be kind to YOU.

Reward yourself with a break, even if that means simply half an hour doing something you enjoy doing.

Here comes another RULE. At times when you are struggling to cope it isn’t helpful to take frequent coffee breaks. Drink while you’re working and clear some fun things off your list during your ‘break’.

They call it tough love. There’s no point in pretending the work is going to go away, but if you can shift a significant amount the release from the pressure and worry is IMMENSE.

Health warning: 1. Do stretch your legs from time to time and drink plenty of water. If you do the latter, the former is a no-brainer. 2. Are you ergonomically challenged? If you are, sort yourself out a seat that doesn’t give you backache and you will save yourself all sorts of future problems. Trust me, I know these things …


Another fab day at the office!

It’s time to have fun – yes it’s Monday and I must be crazy but I love what I do! Give me a keyboard, a cup off coffee and the occasional bar of chocolate and I’m in heaven  … I’m going to be blogging tips about how to stay positive and keep on track when your workload is literally sliding off your desk onto the floor.


Today’s #1 tip (working online):

Don’t panic – get organised

If work is on your mind each night when you go to bed, and when you open your eyes in the morning there’s a weight upon your shoulders, it means it’s time to get out the pen and paper. For those more PC literate readers it’s a spreadsheet, but I’m waxing lyrical here.

Make a list – trust me, it helps. The minute you have everything down on paper you will most likely feel like fainting, but the relief will be great. If it’s down in black and white (or staring back at you from a screen) then there’s no way anything will be overlooked.

Pop back again for more #1 tips – coming soon, the long journey about what to do next ….