Today’s top tip

When you work in a busy media environment for the day job and other associated projects, then life can get a little difficult at times. There’s also a social life to fit in and, hey, I’m still single!

Today’s #1 tip: The Trip

No, unfortunately I’m not referring to being whisked off to a tropical island, or being asked out on an expensive working lunch.

THE TRIP is the thing that comes out of the blue and upsets your carefully planned schedule for the day. It’s usually not connected to anything you’ve failed to do, but often from someone else’s well-meaning interference. I mean, help.

So they sent out a press release, thinking it would save you time and then someone phones to say the date is wrong …

“Which press release? Which date?” Blank moment, as the person ALSO forgot to tell you they’d been kind enough to help you out.


What do you do?

1. Take a deep breath; take TWO deep breaths.

2. Did anyone die?

3. Can it be rectified quickly? If so, get onto it immediately.

4. Apologise to the customer.

5. Explain to your lovely assistant that the reason two sets of eyes go over everything isn’t because you have nothing else to do, but it’s called proof checking.


Note: No real person, or particular incident was involved with the writing of this story. It is theoretical, based upon a similar incident. Copyright to me, of course!


Have a nice day and I’ll be back when things are a bit quieter, promise


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